Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hiya Friends,
Wish you all a very happy and bright 2011!
This is a photo from one of the highlights of 2010- the Canoe trip.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fog(gy) Memories…

Early morning scene today -
Location: Out of my window.
I get up and look outside the window and see that my neighbourhood is covered in a white blanket of sorts. I have to walk out the door into the balcony and check instinctively. I smell the air – there is a certain crisp to it. It is not smoke – not the pollution you are now so accustomed to… OOO it is fog! Fog that diffuses the early sun rays and the one which will dissipate as the rays become intense.
The fog, the cool weather all of this has become so rare in these recent years – something attributed to global warming - that it seems distant now..
I instantly apparated (from Harry Potter) into my school days. This brings back the anticipation we used to have as kids – of the soon to come Diwali festivities with fond memories of the school vacation associated with it. Then it brings back the memories of the approaching winter, of snuggling blankets and not wanting to get up early, of going to school early morning any way and enjoying the ride on dad’s scooter, of wearing the red school cardigan…
All this hidden somewhere in you and lost in the daily grind only to be brought back unexpectedly one fine day…
Oh all the nostalgia!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Who wants this doormat?

2 days – 3 continents (virtually)

This weekend was all fun and dance. Enjoying summer to the fullest!
Its summer and there is so much happening in the city that you have to choose!! This weekend we did festival hopping attending 3 events in 2 days.
There was this South Asian Festival with all the pomp and colour of our side of the continent! They had a whole program of music (tabla concert) and lots of dances – Kathak, bharatnatyam, Garba and of course Bollywood!

Next hop was the beaches Jazz festival. This was in a park near the beaches area. It was out in the open on the lawns and had attracted lot of crowds. We spent some time there listening to some young talent and then some singers from the French quarters in Canada and later Argentina.

Sunday was our Salsa day and we headed to the Salsa fest. It was interesting. There were a lot of hot spots which was like this – they had blaring music on; being either played live or played records and there were people dancing. Then there was a stage and people playing live music there. After a while 2 instructors were teaching some basic salsa steps there and people were watching and learning. I too joined in of course. You know when it comes to dance, I cant stop myself!

Loved the cultural diversity all had to offer – right from the crowds to the music and dance to the array of foods!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Beach BBQ Vs Earthquake

What sounds more interesting – a beach barbeque party or an earthquake?
Ok, I know beach barbeque party of course! Right? Well if you’d ask me, I’d say an earthquake. I know what you are thinking now – she is crazy! Well judge for yourself …
It so happened that we had a beach barbeque party organized at the office – just a summer celebration lunch. There were some relay games and Hawaiian shirt contest and the likes. Lunch was hotdog, pasta salad and potato salad followed with ice cream! Interesting it was indeed as there was the whole of the office – all of 12 floors worth people gathered to enjoy the meal.
Then we headed back to our dungeon. This needs a bit of explanation. We are located on the 14th floor but some restructuring work is going on there and so we are temporarily located in the basement which we lovingly call the dungeon.
So, back to the story. We came back and were at work for about ½ hour. I felt something shaking. I thought I’m moving my chair too much so sat still and the shaking continued. Saw the water bottle shaking and looked around to see if anybody else had noticed. That time, the colleague who sits across me also looked up and said he too felt it. Then there was some noise around and we all started wondering if we should head outside. I hesitated for a moment thinking I should take my passport with me if nothing else! But that thought just flashed past and we headed out. Some more people were descending the stairs.
We are in a building 22 stories and if we felt the tremors in the basement, I’m sure people on the higher floors experienced them much more than us. After about 10 mins, we started to go back and the building security would not let us in. We told him we just wanted to grab our passports but he wouldn’t agree. So we had no option but to go the parking lot away from the building. Once there, some of us started checking on their blackberries about news of the earthquake. Here we came to know that the earthquake was 5.5 on the Richter scale. They had started evacuating the building and all the staff was out. We were told that there would be investigation to verify that the building suffered no structural damages before we would be let in. that would mean about 3 hours of no activity and just waiting. 3 of us sneaked inside through an alternate route and gathered our stuff.
Then somebody had a bright idea of going for beer! So our team headed out to this place and we had a great time there with drinks and snacks and chattering around. Making the most of ... earthquakes… on a Wednesday afternoon…
Not totally crazy, am I now?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Rush Hour... no rush minute...

What time would you get up if you had a bus to catch for another city at 6.00 in the morning? ok let me give some more details. The bus starts at 6.00 am, reaches the point you board in about 10 mins. You stay at about 10 min walk from the boarding point.
So again - what time would you get up? 5.00 am? considering you would snooze and everything...
well not me!
I get up at 5.45 am (that too accidentally, more on this in a minute), rush through everything; barely managing to get a very very quick shower, and make a dash to the boarding point. And how! start walking, am not even halfway there when the bus goes past me and then I am left with no choice but run. Technically there is a choice - of missing the bus, but not without trying right? Not when you took the trouble of reserving a ticket in advance! So I reach the bus just as the conductor is about to close the door. I ask him if this is the 6.00 am Borivali bus while puffing and panting heavily; he nods and I set my foot on the stairs. Finally I am in it and it starts immediately! Leaves me thinking that good I didnt waste any time wondering if I would make it to the bus or not and trying!
Now for a little background.
I was to travel to Mumbai on an official visit. I had booked in advance for 6.00 ticket. I set an alarm. Mom too was going to set one and I didnt let her do it: very confidently stating I'm all set and I've set 2 alarms - in case I switch one off instead of snoozing it. And so I had. Albeit for 5:55 am and 6:00 am instead of 4:55 am and 5:00 am.
Can you beat me at that?

Friday, 12 March 2010

Junk comments...

I have been getting some junk comments - for reasons I cant comprehend - and the comments too I cant comprehend.
So as a precaution, have set the comment moderation on.